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Online Autumn Exhibition
9-25 October 2020
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加守田章二_Kamoda Shōji_壷1978_001.tif
w20.0×d11.8×h30.2 (cm)
1978  Sold
稲崎栄利子_Inazaki Eriko_コトダマ009.tif
w22.0×d20.0×h22.0 (cm)
2012  Sold
八木一夫_Yagi Kazuo_白化粧とり006.tif
w60.7×d18.0×h46.0 (cm) 
ハンス・コパー_Hans Coper_ゴブレット花生001.tif
w9.3×h14.1 (cm)
1965  Sold
八木一夫_Yagi Kazuo_粉引水指_001.tif
w20.0×h12.8 (cm) 
秋山陽_Akiyama Yō_001.tif
w44.0×d22.0.0×h31.0 (cm)
​2001  Sold
音丸耕堂_Otomaru Kōdō_彫漆香合_001.tif
w8.1×h5.7 (cm)
1978  Sold
山永光甫_Yamanaga Kōho_彩漆香合_002.tif
w5.5×h4.4 (cm)
石黒宗麿_Ishiguro Munemaro_掻落手建水_003.tif
w14.5×h6.7 (cm)
1940's  Sold
*Some of the works uploaded in our website could be on reserved status. We apologise for any inconvenience.
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