Green glazed flattened pot
Kawai Kanjirō 1890-1966
Kawai  Kanjirō  was  born in Yasugi City. After studying ceramics in a school  in Tokyo he pursued his research on glazes in Kyoto. In 1920 he  built  a  kiln  at  Gojōzaka  in  Kyoto  calling  it the Shōkeiyō kiln, starting  his career as a potter. In 1921, he went to Tokyo to hold his first  exhibition  where  he  got  acquainted with Kawakatsu Ken’ichi who became his lifelong friend and supporter. He became instantly known  for  his  mastery  of  glazes  and  of  old Chinese and Korean ceramic styles and techniques. Nonetheless the immediate success he  obtained,  he  never remained satisfied. Through the encounter with  Yanagi  Sōestu  and  Hamada   Shōji,  he  turned  towards  the Mingei  Movement,  producing the work of functional nature in line with  its philosophy of ‘beauty through use’. Later he experimented on  bolder  and more revolutionary forms and designs, establishing his  realm  of  highly  subjective  introvert  nature  beyond  technical supremacy.
w21.0×d15.8×h23.6 cm
Private Collection
Vase, Design of flower
w17.6×d16.3×h23.4 cm

Cobalt blue tea bowl with mud decoration
w13.5×h8.5 cm
Private Collection

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