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Wada Akira @ Tokyo Art Club Art Fair 2017 2017.9.22


White porcelain Dai/Dai w34.4 h28.2㎝ 2017 Sold

White porcelain Hyouri w18.1 h48.8cm 2017 Sold

White porcelain incense burner 2017 w8.6 h16.0cm Sold

Wada Akira (b.1978) has been continuing his pursuit for a perfectly accomplished shape in white porcelain and celadon charged with an acute sense for structural power. He has been awarded various prizes in recent years, the most recent being the Grand Prix at the Kikuchi Biennale. Powerful, linear thrown shape in white porcelain is left to dry and then carved under a time- consuming gradual process. This is as if the artist’s challenging the clay to achieve the intended form with a microscopic trimming procedure. We are very pleased to present 19 examples of the work of Wada Akira from his earlier to the latest, his experiment on much larger scale, overviewing the artist’s production over a decade. We look forward to welcoming you with us in our booth at Tokyo Art Club Art Fair.

Dates: Oct 13-15th 2019


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