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Visualise: Masuda Toshiya first solo exhibition @ Art Fair Tokyo 2015 2015.2.17


Low pixel CG - Old School w21.0×d28.1×h10.0㎝ 2014 Sold

Low pixel CG - Homage (to the original A pair of Budô Nezumi Zaiku vase by Miyagawa Kozan I )  w24.8×h32.4 2015 Sold

We are pleased to present the work by Masuda Toshiya at Art Fair Tokyo 2015, the details attached to the link below.

The everyday scenery that evokes some nostalgia towards the past or the masterpieces distinguished in the history of ceramics: those are the motifs that the artist deals with to decompose into fine pixel parts. Then the work is re-constructed as a three-dimensional clay sculpture, occasionally introducing digital fictional characters as additional decorative elements. Old and New, Dream and Reality, Nostalgic Sentiment and Humourous Giggle: these antagonistic visions of time, space and life are united into one in his work using a highly tactile substantial material such as clay.

We will exhibit circa 20 works on this occasion of his first solo show with us.


Mitochu Koeki booth N28, Art Fair Tokyo 2015 at Tokyo International Forum Hall E & Lobby Gallery (3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

Dates: Friday 20 March – Sunday 22 March 2015

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Mya Murphy
Mya Murphy
Sep 11, 2021

Lovely bllog you have

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