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Urushi @ Art Fair Tokyo 2017 2017.2.4

Masumura Mashiki Black and red lacquered tray with flowing water pattern, made in kanshitsu (dry lacquer substrate) technique c. 1962 w35.7×h4.5cm Sold

Yamamura Shinya Covered box, with karakusa(arabesque) design w9.7×d7.7×h7.3 cm 2017 Sold

Otomaru Kôdô Incense box with hortensia flower design, made in chôshitsu (carved laquer) technique 1970’s w6.8×h5.3cm Sold

The lacquer tradition has long existed in Japan with its natural and climatic conditions perfect for the material. In modern days, together with a variety of influences from the West, Art Deco style in particular, the art of lacquer has been developed in its diversity by numerous lacquer artists who explore highly individualistic styles and shapes that could only be obtained by the materialistic quality of lacquer, showing a rich technical and artistic complexity. This year we are very pleased to present a selection of lacquer pieces by some of the most representative modern and contemporary lacquer artists in Japan. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth No 27 at Art Fair Tokyo 2017.

The artists: Akatsuka Jitoku/Otomaru Kōdō/Kuroda Tatsuaki/Terai Naoji/Masumura Mashiki/Yamazaki Kakutarō/Yamamura Shinya

Venues: Tokyo International Forum Hall E & Lobby Gallery (3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

Dates: Mar 17-19th 2017


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