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Special Feature: Masuda Toshiya @ Tobu Painting Fair 2019


Tobu Painting Fair 2019 starting today presents a special feature of the work of Masuda Toshiya.

We hope you will enjoy the show.

Thursday 19 – Tuesday 24 September 2019 10:00 – 19:30 (the last day till 18:00)

Venue: Event Plaza 6F at Tobu Department Store Funabashi

The artist will be present 13:30 – 17:00 on Sunday 22 September.

Low pixel CG-Super Idol 2017 w29.0×h24.0㎝

Low pixel CG-Search Tool 2015 w40.3×23.8×h10.5㎝

Low pixel CG-Spirit Dwells 2016 w26.0×h41.0㎝

Homage to Kōzan Miyagawa: Cylindrical vase with traffic lights, pigeon and cherry blossoms 2018 w26.0×h49.0㎝


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