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Raden - Lacquer with mother-of-pearl inlay@2022 Tobi Art Fair

From the left: Kuroda Tatsuaki Tea caddy with kindame (gold lacquer) with daimyō stripe pattern w7.5×h8.8 (cm)

Kuroda Tatsuaki Tea caddy with gindame (silver lacquer) with swirl pattern inlay w7.1×h7.3 (cm)

Ōba Shōgyo Ornamental box 'Morning', hyōmon and maki-e lacquer c.1981 w28.5×d16.8×h14.6 (cm)


Hashimoto Chitaka

Kitamura Shōsai

Kuroda Tatsuaki

Miyoshi Kagari

Ōba Shōgyo

Yamamura Shinya


Friday 14 – Sunday 16 October 2022

From the first day of the exhibition, the detailed information of the exhibits could be viewed online.


2022 Tōbi Art Fair, Booth 4-16

*The admission is by paid-ticket. Please contact us for more information.


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