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KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2019


We are pleased to announce our participation in KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2019, held from 15th November (Invitation only) till 17th November 2019.

KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa is the only art fair in Japan exclusively dedicated to KOGEI providing a platform to showcase new KOGEI aesthetics and values to an international audience. Kanazawa is one of the most important cities in Japan that has historically been nourishing the tradition of KOGEI, whereby a perfect venue to host this unique KOGEI event. With the gathering of 32 national and international galleries specialised in this genre of art, over 100 names including young and contemporary artists as well as 20th century masters will be featured throughout the fair.

We look forward to your visit at MITOCHU KOEKI Co. @ Room # 206,

featuring ISHIGURO Munemaro, IIZUKA Shōkansai, KAWAI Kanjirō, KOMORI Shōan, SAITA Baitei, NAGANO Retsu, NIISATO Akio, MASUDA Yoshinori, MASUMURA Mashiki, MATSUNAGA Jian, YAMAGUCHI Takeo, YAMADA Jōzan, Lucie RIE, Hans COPER, Richard NOTKIN.

Lucie Rie Knitted Bowl 1980’s w14.8×h9.8㎝

Hans Coper Vase 1970’s w9.8×h28.4㎝

Richard Notkin Cube skull tea pot variation #18 1991 w7.9×h15.1㎝ Sold

Saida Baitei Tea caddy with cut gold leaves (Kirikane technique) 1970’s w7.5×h7.7㎝

Komori Shōan Tea scoop named Negai-no-ito (String for Wishes) 1967 / Niisato Akio Light Bowl w15.2×h6.6㎝


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