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Inazaki Eriko wins 2023 Loewe Foundation Craft Prize


Inazaki Eriko, a Japanese ceramic artist who lives and works in Takamatsu City, was announced as the winner of the 6th edition of LOEWE Fondation Craft Prize 2023, one of the most important international competitions for crafts.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely congratulate her for this remarkable accomplishment.

Inazaki is renowned for her abstract sculptural pieces built up in layers of numerous minute clay parts.

Her winning work, Metanoia (2019), a Japanese title 心臓, literally Heart, took her more than a year to complete. The artist says, ‘Metanoia is a personal work from a period of deep anguish I went through. As I immersed myself in the repetitive act of making endless number of parts, I found the work began to reveal a life-affirming beauty that lifted me from my distress. I felt almost mystically purified and released.’

The work, built up with unfathomable numbers of minuscule parts intricately layered, looks so delicate and fragile but at the same time electric and powerful evocative of a pulsating heart.

Inazaki Eriko 'Metanoia' , 2019 w20.0×h24.0 (cm)


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