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Chawan and Chaki :Tea Bowls and Tea Utensils 2018.5.15


It is our pleasure to announce our coming exhibition held in our premises, starting from Friday 25th to Sunday 17 June 2018, entitled Chawan and Chaki : Tea Bowls and Tea Utensils.

The exhibits include a selection of works by modern masters as well as by some contemporary artists. We would like to propose a mitate presentation of tea utensils of various media, including ceramics,lacquer, woodwork and bamboo, combining works coming from different periods and nationalities, so that a new aesthetic harmony could be achieved and fresh sensitivities be discovered.

The artists include:

Munemaro Ishiguro, Shōji Kamoda, Kanjirō Kawai, Shinobu Kawase, San’an Yamada, Shōji Hamada, Tōyō Kaneshige, Kazuo Yagi, Shōkansai Iizuka, Naoji Terai, Yoshikuni Taguchi, Kōdō Himi, Morikazu Kumagai (calligraphy), Shinya Yamamura, Akira Wada, Lucie Rie, etc.

We look forward to welcoming you during our show.

Friday 25 May – Sunday 17 June 2018

11:00 – 19:00 (open throughout the exhibition)

Venue: Mitochu Koeki

Hotel New Otani Lobby Floor, 4-1 Kioicho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

Ishiguro Munemaro Blue glazed tea bowl with iron glaze design w15.7×h5.2cm sold

Shōji Kamoda Tea bowl made in 1977 with box

Shinobu Kawase Suiji(Celadon) tea bowl sold

Yoshikuni Taguchi Maki-e lacquer tea caddy with plum blossom design sold

Shinya Yamamura Gold Maki-e lacquer square box with floral pattern


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