Tea bowl, Shino ware
Arakawa Toyozō 1894-1985
Arakawa Toyozō was born in Tajimi, Gifu. He started working at the kiln of Miyanaga Tōzan in Kyoto and later for Rosanjin in Kamakura. In  1930  the  discovery  of  shards  at the archaeological kiln site of O’gama   arouse   him   a   fascination   towards   the   16th  century Momoyama pottery, where he continued a series of excavation and made a research. He built up his own cave kiln in O’gama. Through the rediscovery of Shino techniques as well as working on old Black Seto  and  Yellow  Seto  wares,   he  achieved  his  own  style  with a modern  essence  in unique glaze tone rendering the work soft and elegant ,  often  powerfully  charged .   In  later  years  he  built  the Suigetsu  kiln  in  Tajimi   where   he  produced  unglaze   blue   and overglaze  red  wares .   He  excelled   in  free  and witty literati style painting on the pottery thanks to the training given in his youth. He was designated a Living National Treasure for Shino and Black Seto ware and award the Order of Culture of Japan.
w12.6×h9.6 cm
Private Collection

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