Cyrindrical vase
w5.2×h24.0 cm
Hans Coper 1920-1981

Hans Coper   was  an  influential German-born British studio potter. He is strongly associated with Lucie Rie for their similar background as  both  being  emigrated  to  UK  and  their  close collaboration in work .    His   pots  ,    however  ,    were    less    conventional    and   more   experimental   and  less  colourful  than  Lucie  Rie’s.  Coper executed t hem all in stoneware, consisting mainly in tone of white, buff ,  brown ,  and   black.  His  unique   forms   most   immediately characterise  his  work  which has a remarkable presence. Some are inspired  by  ancient   Cycladic  figures ;  others  are built up of such geometric    forms    as    cylinders ,    discs ,   and  cones .   Strong , monumental  whatever  their  size   hey  are,  their impact is that of sculpture,  and  yet  they are all vessels. Coper’s work was exhibited and  collected  worldwide, including  the Metropolitan  Museum of Art   in   New  York ,    Victoria  and  Albert  Museum ,   London , the Sainsbury  Centre  and  York  Gallery  in  UK ,  National  Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and Kyoto.

w21.0×h36.0 cm
w15.6×h17.7 cm

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