Vase with silver and red surface pattern
Kuriki Tatsusuke 1943-2013
Kuriki was born in Seto. He studied ceramics at Kyoto City University of  Arts  in  1962 .  Being  the  last  student  of Tomimoto Kenkichi he remained   influenced   by   this   master  throughout  his  life .  After graduation,  Kuriki  returned to Seto to start his career as a ceramist. By   improving   the   quality   of  clay  and  kiln ,  Kuriki  devised  the complexity of form with protrusions and depressions thus opening a new  direction in ceramic art. His insightful and highly accomplished works  with  an  excellent  technique  and  astute sensibility awarded him various important prizes and unanimous critical acclaim. In 1983, he   returned   to   his  alma  mater  to  teach ,  where  he  became  a professor  in  1993, energetically working to foster a new generation. Though  Kuriki  produced  an  extensive range of work since his first solo   exhibition   in   1980  ,   he  remained  an  unprolific  artist  who uncompromisingly  pursued  perfection .  His  sudden death in 2013 was greatly lamented by the whole ceramic public.
w15.2×d14.4×h27.0 cm
Private Collection
Black-glazed vase with silver pattern
w28.2×d22.2×h23.8 cm

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