Vase, 1978
w20.0×d11.8×h30.2 cm
Kamoda Shōji 1933-1983
Kamoda  Shōji  was  born  in  Kishiwada ,  Osaka.  He  studied  under Tomimoto Kenkichi at the Kyoto Municipal College of Art. In 1959 he started  his  carrier as a potter in Mashiko. His work was accepted for the  first  time  in  the  Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition in 1961. He was  awarded  the 10th Takamura Kotaro Prize in 1967. To break away from  the  traditional  style  he  moved  to  Tono  City  in Iwate, which turned  out  to  be  an  impetus  for  his  creativity,  presenting  a new group of works with curvilinear carving and colored clay, establishing his  signature  style.  In  1974 he received the Award for New Artist of the Education Minister Award for Art. He studied design, developing unique vessels beyond the conventional concept of pottery, working energetically  to achieve his ideal. His works gained much popularity and  acclaim.  According  to  him  “there is an infinite universe within myself  as  I  see an infinite universe outside myself." He died in 1983 just before 50.
Vase, 1976
w24.0×d14.5×h30.5 cm
Private Collection

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