Hattori Makiko b.1984

Hattori  hand  builds  the basic form of clay, decorating it with numerous  thin  frilled  porcelain  petals attached to the body, through  a constant and repetitive process of filling in the clay surface with these frilled petals.

The  outcome  is  a large simple pot shape embellished with a soft  curvilinear  frilled  outline.  These white or yellowish white clay   forms   embrace  a  contrast  between  light  and  shadow created  by  the  frilled  surface ,  endowing  the  shape  with  a tranquil powerful presence.

Deep Slumber
w49.0×h36.5 cm
Private Collection
Atatakana Ikimono
w57.0×h31.0 cm
Private Collection
A sign 09-02
w52.0×h43.0 cm
Private Collection

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