Low pixel CG-Image
w35.0×d20.0×h52.0 cm
Masuda Toshiya b.1977
An  icon image or a graphic representation of any object that exists in real is an indicative means to make the reality recognised even if it   is   not   a   mirror   representation   but   merely   conceptual  or symbolical .    The  three-dimensional  representation  of  the  two -dimensional  dot  pictures  is  what  Masuda  tries  to achieve in this double process of making the real and the virtual crisscrossing each other .  The  close  encounter between a data he processes and the actual  clay  he  uses  as material to build up the data is what makes his  work  eternally  fragile  and  at  the  same  time everlasting. The making process is to build up  and cut up the clay slab to match the paper pattern he prepares in advance. He then puts each sheet-like clay  in  layers  piling one on top of another. The process resembles that   of   a   primitive   hand - built  coiling  method  and  extremely analogue  and  anachronistic.  This contradicting duality reflects the way  that  the  artist ‘s  eyes cutting out a part of reality surrounding him into a virtual reality of clay.
Low pixel CG-Homage-Fighter in the waterside (to the original A vase of Birds in the waterside in high Relief by Miyagawa KôzanⅠ)

Low pixel CG-Eternal life
w32.2×d26.6×h18.0 cm
Private Collection
w30.4×h40.1 cm
Private Collection

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