Niisato Akio b.1977

The  simple  and  clear-cut  shape of Niisato’s white porcelain bowls and  cylindrical vessels are thinly trimmed, on which numerous dots are  regularly  embossed  that become translucent after being fired, the  light  showing through the dots like a stained-glass.  This series of  work  he  is best known for is called Light Vessel. Apart from this signature   style   he   accomplished   Niisato   has  been  constantly making  experiments  and research on green, blue and black glazes as  well  as  vivid  glazing  techniques  that  could  anticipate  a  new development of his work.

Leminescent vessel
(L) w20.2×h9.0 cm Private Collection
(R) w26.0×h20.0 cm

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