Inazaki Eriko b.1972

The  immediate  impression  of  Inazaki’s  ceramic work is that of an organic  creature  or  substance  as if it is breathing in and out. And yet  the  artist has no concrete image or motif that she is visualizing but merely weaves the clay with constant repetitions of building up the  clay  parts  in  minute details without any pre-planning how the final shape turns out.  The micrometric clay dots are hand-built and being  composed  to  become  a  larger  whole as if they have their own  inevitability.   It  seems  that  the  work  is  achieved under the artist’s  strong magical spell to make small microcosmic clay details into a more substantial and macrocosmic universe without knowing how being managed.

w16.0×h37.0 cm
稲崎栄利子_Inazaki Eriko_コトダマ009.tif
Kotodama (Soul of Language)
w30.0×h12.0 cm
Scenery for Small Intervals: Crown of Seawater
w16.0×h17.0 cm
Statue de Altemis
w10.0×h22.0 cm
Private Collection

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