Oribe style square dish
w30.3×h5.4 cm
Kitaōji Rosanjin 1883-1959 

Kitaōji  Rosanjin ,  born in Kyoto, was a man of many talents, first of all  a  ceramicist  but  also  a  calligrapher ,  seal  engraver ,  painter, lacquerer  and r estaurateur, as well as an epicure, active during the pre-war post-war period in Japan.

In  his  youth  Rosanjin  instantly  became  famous  for  his  powerful calligraphy    and    engraving    made   possible   by   his   profound understandings on ancient Chinese models.  In 1920’s he shifted his focus  towards  food .  He built  his  own  kiln  to produce vessels to serve  the  dishes  he  cooked  himself at  the  Gourmet Club called Hoshigaoka  Saryō  he  founded  in 1925 in Tokyo. He continued his prolific  ceramic production inspired by Momoyama classics of 16th century  Japan .  Vessels  he  made  are  often  bold and dynamic in style, and are highly acclaimed for superb sense of design. Rosanjin is  a  true  innovative artist, a pioneering genius with versatile styles. His   works   are  sought  after  by  both  national  and  international collectors.

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