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Mitochu Koeki is pleased to announce our participation in Tobi Art Fair.

We are honored to present a collection of masterpieces by Kuriki Tatsusuke.


Kuriki Tatsusuke (1943-2013) studied at Kyoto City University of Arts under Tomimoto Kenkichi, Kondo Yūzō, and Fujimoto Nōdō, and was particularly influenced by Tomimoto Kenkichi, being his last student.

After graduation he returned to Seto, gaining recognition despite his young age, receiving awards from The Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition and The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition, among others.

Continuing the lineage of modern ceramics of Tomimoto Kenkichi and Kamoda Shōji, Kuriki dedicated himself to an austere pursuit of form, materials, and motifs with discipline, showcasing a distinctive presence as a ceramist.  ​

In 1983 he returned to his alma mater to teach, proactively fostering and influencing a new generation of ceramic artists.

Kuriki’s works exhibit a profound knowledge of and attention to design inherited from Tomimoto. Backed by his exceptional technical skills and stoic attitude, they reflect a new and complex approach to ceramic art.

Although unprolific, his remaining works reveal a remarkable level of perfection, conveying to those who view them Kuriki’s inner convictions and aesthetic sensibility. 

We look forward to your visit our booth at the venue.


Friday 13 - Sunday 15 October, 2023

​All works can be viewed on our website from the first day of the exhibition.


Tokyo Art Club/Booth No. 3-32 (3rd Floor)

6-19-15 Shimbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan

October, 2023
Mitochu Koek

*The admission is by paid-ticket. Please contact us for more information. 

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