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Art Fair Tokyo 2023
10-12 March 2023

For the Art Fair Tokyo 2023, we will present an exhibition featuring the works by four women clay makers.


A clay core of Aizawa Rie is hand-built on which a fluid slip is sprayed over layer upon layer with help of an air compressor. The outcome is a sculptural volume evocative of an organic form found in nature, as if it were still growing, billowing out to the surrounding space with organic energy and expansion.  A clear tone of colour coating the piece is beautifully effective and vivid to the eyes.


Dewa Eri works on extremely thin feather-like sheets of porcelain, slightly thicker

than egg shell, which are then composed in a radial shape. The effect resembles the reminiscent traces of a plane surface horizontally rotated several times. Dewa seems to have freed the clay from the rule of gravity, proposing a new dimension beyond the capacity of the material.

Hattori Makiko hand builds a core body of clay onto which she attaches numerous thin frilled porcelain ribbons through an incredibly enduring process of repetitive manual executions until the whole surface outside and inside being filled in with them, resulting in a simple pot shape embellished with a soft ruffle contour. This white clay form embraces a gentle symphony played with light and shadow achieved by the frilled surface, endowing the work with a quiet but powerful presence.


Sawaya Yūko excels in itchin, a method of drawing a pattern by pouring slip into a tool and squeezing it out onto a clay surface. An open intricate weblike pattern applied by itchin drawing covering overall an elegant shape of her porcelain vessel resembles a most elaborate lace work, drawing our eyes into a microscopic realm of beauty created within a vessel format.


Friday 10 March – Sunday 12 March 2023



Art Fair Tokyo 2023, Booth-N22


*The admission requires advance booking. Please contact us for more information. 


Clockwise from the top left:

Aizawa Rie  Sarai no Ao (blue evocative of quietude, stillness, pathos, profound, abyss, of water), 2023 w62.0×d49.5×h32.5 (cm)

Dewa Eri  Forest, 2022 w22.8×h10.4 (cm)

Hattori Makiko  Hitohirano(A frill in the mas), 2020  w37.8×d36.0×h26.8 (cm)

Sawaya Yūko  Tsuyuito Tsumugi (Dew yarns), 2022  w31.3×h7.0 (cm)

Photo by Okamura Kichirō (for the lower left-Sawaya Yūko)

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