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Raden - Lacquer with mother-of-pearl inlay
14-16 October
@2022 Tōbi Art Fair
大場松魚_Oba Shōgyo_黒田辰秋_Kuroda Tatsuaki.tif

From the left: Kuroda Tatsuaki Tea caddy with kindame (gold lacquer) with daimyō stripe pattern w7.5×h8.8 (cm)
Kuroda Tatsuaki Tea caddy with gindame (silver lacquer) with swirl pattern inlay w7.1×h7.3 (cm)
Ōba Shōgyo Ornamental box 'Morning', hyōmon and maki-e lacquer c.1981 w28.5×d16.8×h14.6 (cm)

Raden is a Japanese term referring to a decorative technique used for lacquerware, in which linings of mother-of-pearl or of abalone shells are cut into designs and embedded into the surface of the lacquer. The technique was introduced in Japan around 9th century and reached its height towards the late Heian period (794-1185).

A sparkling, delicate quality of pale blue colour of shells has always been sought after to decorate objects since old days in Japan and elsewhere.


The exhibition highlights raden works by two modern masters, Kuroda Tatsuaki

(1904-1982), renown for exalting a simplicity of design with a powerful glitter of Mexican abalone shells and Ōba Shōgyo (1916-2012), a distinguished master of hyōmon lacquer technique.

The other artists, who are still active, include Kitamura Shōsai (b.1938), a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property in raden technique, Miyoshi Kagari, who excels in adopting lacquer and raden technique in highly modern image of city nightscape or water under moonlight, Yamamura Shinya (b.1960), whose jewel-like, charming small lacquer boxes decorated with raden demonstrate a high level of technical perfection and Hashimoto Chitaka (b.1972), critically acclaimed by his cutting edge technique to achieve an uncompromising super-delicate lacquer work in which all the processes are solely done by himself (shown in the exhibition Contemporary Japanese Crafts at Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art and others).

We hope that the exhibition could shed a light on timeless beauty of raden lacquer.


Hashimoto Chitaka
Kitamura Shōsai
Kuroda Tatsuaki
Miyoshi Kagari
Ōba Shōgyo
Yamamura Shinya


Friday 14 – Sunday 16 October 2022,

From the first day of the exhibition, the detailed information of the exhibits could be viewed online.  



2022 Tōbi Art Fair, Booth 4-16


*The admission is by paid-ticket. Please contact us for more information. 

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