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Winter Exhibition
19 November - 12 December 2021
浜田庄司_Hamada Shoji_青釉流描角鉢001.tif
河井寬次郎_Kawai Kanjiro_泥刷毛鉢001.tif

We are pleased to announce our coming Winter Exhibition, which could be visited either in person at our gallery or virtual on our website with all the details of the works on display.


We look forward to welcoming you both real and virtual.


Bernard Leach/ Hamada Shōji/ Kawai Kanjirō/ Kitaōji Rosanjin/ Kuroda Tatsuaki/ Tomimoto Kenkichi etc.


19 November - 12 December 2021


Mitochu Koeki Co.

Hotel New Otani, 4-1 Kioicho 

​TEL +81-3-3239-0845

バーナード・リーチ_Bernard Leach_スリップウェア皿001.tif
From top left clockwise :
Hamada Shōji Square Plate with Blue Drip Pattern 1950's w45.0×d31.0×h9.8 (cm) / Kawai Kanjirō 
Yellow glazed bowl with combed decoration c.1955 w29.8×h6.7 (cm) / Bernard Leach Slipware dish 1920s-1930s w27.5×h4.5 (cm)
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