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Tea bowl   Online Exhibition
26 March-11 April 2021 
From top right clockwise::
Ishiguro Munemaro  Tea bowl, finger-painted lines, white slip  c.1963  w14.9×h6.1 (cm)  / Koie Ryōji   Tea bowl, Shitara style  c.1989-1994  w13.6×h7.6 (cm) / Wada Akira  White porcelain tea  bowl「Dai/Dai」2021  w25.8×d20.6×h20.7 (cm) / Kamoda Shōji  Tea bowl  1977  w13.4×h8.0 (cm)

We are holding a 'Tea Bowl' exhibition in our gallery from 26 March to 11April 2021, featuring a selection of tea bowls and other tea utensils made by Japanese modern masters as well as by contemporary artists. 
You will also be able to access it on the exhibition page of our website
We hope you enjoy your visit to the show.


Gomi Kenji  Ishiguro Munemaro  Izumita Yukiya  Kamoda Shōji  Kawase Shinobu  Koie Ryōji  Nakazato Muan  Niisato Akio  Okabe Mineo  Suzuki Osamu  Wada Akira  etc.

Our exhibition will also be viewed online at our webpage.

26 Friday March- 11 Sunday April 2021

Open daily 11:00 - 18:00 throughout the exhibition dates. 


Mitochu Koeki Co.

Hotel New Otani, 4-1 Kioicho 

​TEL +81-3-3239-0845

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