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We are pleased to announce our group exhibition featuring a selection of works by Aoki Takefumi, Uchida Midori, and Jang Dayeon, three ceramic artists, each developing a varied individualistic style.

Aoki Takefumi (b. 1991) was born in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, where he still lives and works. Aoki squeezes out slightly dense slip into granules and joins them together in a net-like fashion to form cylinders and cones. He has developed a style of delicate white porcelain imbued with both a sense of lightness and sharpness.

Uchida Midori (b. 1983) is also a Tajimi-based artist. The smooth and precise forms are carefully shaped by hand-building. The beautiful gradation evocative of the changing sky is achieved by fine-tuning the firing conditions of the kiln wherein the pieces are buried in rice husks. It is as if to encapsulate the landscape of the maker’s inner being. At times, it may reflect the anima of the viewer.

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1983, Jang Dayeon learnt painting and ceramics in multiple places in Korea and Japan including studying on Kutani ware.  Intricate overglaze drawings are applied with brush onto a clean and transparent white clay texture suggestive of a native Korean legacy. These, combined with underglaze painting, create a unique pictorial depth. Within the small vessel form, the artist's childhood memories and inner psyche are represented in a painterly manner, which would go beyond the realm of mere pattern and decoration.

We hope you would enjoy the works of these three artists who ceaselessly dedicate themselves to exploration in the art of clay.

We look forward to welcoming all our visitors.

August 2023
Mitochu Koeki


*Aoki Takefumi and Uchida Midori will be at the gallery from 11:00-18:00 on 9/2.

​*All works can be viewed on our website from the first day of the exhibition.

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