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From the left:Izumita Yukiya Layers, 2020  w76.7×d39.8×h38.9 (cm)/ Gomi Kenji  Covered Vessel, 2018  w38.0×d31.0×h63.0 (cm)/ Hashimoto Tomonari  Untitled  2020  w49.6×d22.6×h38.0 (cm)

Izumita Yukiya (b.1966), born in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, has soon developed his distinguished style of yakishime ware applying a mixture of local clay and soil from Noda, and that from Kuji.  In 1992 he began his training under Takeyoshi of Kokuji-yaki kiln and in 1995 he built his own kiln in Noda village. His signature style is a series known as Sekisō (Layers), which consists of paper-thin clay composed in layers resembling geological ‘folds’. From large-scale sculptures to domestic vessels for everyday use, they are all fired in traditional anagama kiln in his studio home in northeast Japan. His works rich in variety have received an instant acclaim and are represented both nationally and internationally. 


Gomi Kenji (b.1978) was born in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture. After finishing the university in Tokyo, he went for pottery training in Tsuboya, Okinawa Prefecture, then in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture. He is now based and works in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture. 

The excavation of Jōmon pottery in his home town influenced a young Kenji to bear an early interest in ancient pottery, which has later developed his characteristic series of large-scale work such as Saidoki or Shitō, evocative of primitive and the timeless earthenware from older days, exploring the materiality of clay itself.  He also produces vessels for use such as tea bowl or fresh water jar for the tea ceremony. 


Hashimoto Tomonari (b.1990), born in Wakayama, currently lives and works in Shigaraki. 

His work stands out for large and powerful clay sculptures based on a simple linear shape of square or cube. The application of oxide metallic glazes fired at high temperature endows the clay surface with metallic texture as well as complex and subtle emergence of various colours. He was selected in the finalists of Loewe Crafts Prize (2019) and is considered as a promising young ceramic artist of his generation. 


Our exhibition for Art Fair Tokyo 2022 features above three prominent artists – Izumita Yukiya, Gomi Kenji and Hashimoto Tomonari (Japanese alphabetical order) – each exploring the materiality of clay and its innate nature in response to glaze, who in so doing have developed their unique individualistic style with much creativity and energy. 



Friday 11 March – Sunday 13 March 2022



Art Fair Tokyo 2022, Booth No 23


*The admission requires advance booking. Please contact us for more information. 

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